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"Empowering young people for the future by providing a quality education and equipping them to impact eternity. "

Christ-Centered Education

We believe that Christ-Centered Education enables students to face the challenges of life in a manner that glorifies God. 

Small Classrooms

Allowing for each student to have an ample amount of one on one time with the teacher.

Strong Relationships

Strong, healthy relationships between teachers and students, and ultimately with God.

Our Staff.

Devon and Missy Hartzler


Grace Fellowship
Detroit, Michigan

    “We enjoy getting to know the families in our neighborhood. We love family time and spending time with friends. Devon enjoys hunting and Missy spends her time taking care of our little family and the neighborhood children that come knocking on our door. We like to garden and have a dog and chickens. We love the city but enjoy our little taste of country life as well.”

Randen Zimmerman

7th-8th Grade/Vice Principal

Sandy Ridge Mennonite Church

Wakarusa, Indiana

  “I enjoy reading and getting to know people. I also would like to travel, even though I haven’t done it much. I hope this time at GCA will grow me as a person and as someone who follows Christ.”

Erica Miller

5th-6th Grade

Woodlawn Mennonite Church
Goshen, Indiana

     “I love to travel and meet new people. A few of my favorite pastimes are hanging out at coffee shops, reading, and playing games.”

Harmoni Ropp

3rd-4th Grade

Kitchi Pines Church
Bemidji, Minnesota

    “I enjoy being in nature and spending time with friends. I’ll always be happy with coffee, my journal, or a piano nearby!”

Caitlin Mullet

1st-2nd Grade

Agape Christian Fellowship
Ashley, Michigan

    “I enjoy being outdoors and going on adventures with friends. In my free time I love to read, take care of my plants, and write.”

Julia Mast

Kindergarten/Teacher's Aid

Lamb of God Church
Howe, Indiana

    “I love deep discussions and traveling. Some things I enjoy doing in my free time are taking care of my plants, decorating, and being out in nature!”

Lavern Miller


Sonlight Chapel
Washington, Indiana

   “I haven’t been to nearly all the places I want to see! I absolutely love the city and am so glad God has called me here in this season of my life! I want to be a ‘doulos’ for Christ!

Other Outreaches.

Grace Fellowship.

      Our local fellowship of believers has its doors open to the community! We desire to further the kingdom of God through our relationships with the people around us.

Detroit Spike Ball Tournament!

We host an annual spike-ball tournament here in Detroit at Romanowski Park as a fundraiser for our school.

Detroit Bible Camp.

Detroit Bible Camp, organized by Woodlawn Youth, is held here each year on the first week of August for the children of the local community. 

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